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We believe in the social impact of business

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion have the transformative and humanistic impact that companies need in the 21st century.

We believe in equality of opportunity, in the richness of differences in gender, age, culture, different abilities and in the inclusion of vulnerable people. Sometimes we are circumstances that we do not choose to be and we all deserve a chance.

We believe in diverse, balanced and inclusive professional environments to generate sustainable growth and social impact.

We believe in the leading role of companies to leave a mark and generate social impact.

What makes us different?

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Our team of people with a strong personal purpose to help organisations create social impact

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Our humanistic approach, we truly believe in the social s of sustainability.

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Our expertise, which combines strategy and action on the ground, enables us to offer customised projects with the social soul of the organisation.

We are oriented and guided by a triple C


Our knowledge, experience, skills and talents contribute generating projects with a direct, tangible, social impact that leave a lasting impression over time.


We put our creative talent at the service of the generation and execution of ideas, strategies, projects, with a footprint, the DNA of the organisation and we translate it into concrete solutions, with a differential value contribution.


Courage is bravery and an attribute of our personality. We are courageous. We like to question ourselves, challenge the status-quo and help our clients to do so too. Courage is the starting point of all virtues and what makes organisations grow.

We generate social impact

We support organisations in the design of strategies and implementation of action plans for diversity, equity and inclusion with social impact through boutique advice tailored to their needs.

Assessment and diagnosis

We assess organisational culture in diversity, equity and inclusion using a proprietary methodology.

Diversity and Social Sustainability Strategy

We design a diversity and social sustainability strategy in line with the organisation’s business model and culture.

Support for diversity plans

We make diversity a reality in organisations through action: awareness-raising & training programmes, development of corporate volunteering, events and campaigns with a footprint, advocacy & awareness-raising & development of inclusive and humanistic leadership.

Communication and impact

We enhance the value of DEI initiatives through the formulation & enhancement of purpose & partnerships, measurement of social impact, advice on certifications to avoid green and socialwashing, internal and external communication.

We promote the
female talent

We promote the female talent

With GT Women  we promote the talent, leadership and career opportunities of women leaders as we believe it is essential for diversity in companies.

Executive Search: Women in leadership positions

Promoting female leadership

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