Why GT Equal?

Our manifesto, our raison d'être


To generate positive social impact


Transforming business through social sustainability strategies


We believe in the power and richness of differences


Diverse, innovative, resilient and sustainable team companies

Paul Rand is quite right to highligh that the meaning of a logo derives from the quality of what it symbolises, not the other way around.

The Q of gt Equal is made up of the values we believe in, a reflection of what we do and how we do it.

What sets us apart?

Our humanistic approach

We truly believe in the social S of sustainability. That is why people are at the heart of our projects. At GT Equal we focus on social sustainability to help companies build a more equitable, resilient and sustainable future.

In an ever-changing world with great challenges, social sustainability stands out as a winning strategy, a prism through which we can view our actions and decisions, both individually and collectively, to design solutions that last and generate benefits for all.

icono de una s doble
Foto de unas burbujas brillantes y una mano infantil que las explota

Our expertise

We know how to combine strategy and action on the ground, which allows us to land customised projects with the social soul of the organisation.

We are experts in taking action and translating corporate strategies and policies into concrete initiatives with tangible results, generating sustainable social impact.

Our team of people with a strong personal purpose to help organisations create social impact

icono de triángulo amarillo

Our values translated into a triple C


Our knowledge, experience, skills and talents contribute generating projects with a direct, tangible, social impact that leave a lasting impression over time.


We put our creative talent at the service of the generation and execution of ideas, strategies, projects, with a footprint, the DNA of the organisation and we translate it into concrete solutions, with a differential value contribution.


Courage is bravery and an attribute of our personality. We are courageous. We like to question ourselves, challenge the status-quo and help our clients to do so too. Courage is the starting point of all virtues and what makes organisations grow.

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